Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Important! Please attend and pass along
 this e-mail to your lists!

In response to a recent increase in property crimes in this area, the Eugene Police Department is offering a free crime prevention class in this neighborhood.  The presentation will cover current crime trends, programs that EPD offers to help and prevention steps people can take to protect their property.

Wednesday, October 3rd at 7:00pm  (This Wednesday!!!)
Fairfield Elementary School
3455 Royal Ave.

Lisa Barrong - Sergeant
Crime Prevention Unit
541-682-8248    Office


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Active Bethel Citizens General Meeting

Come join your neighbors and
friends for the next

Active Bethel Citizens General Meeting!

When: Wednesday, March 28th, 7 PM- 9 PM

Where: Petersen Barn, 870 Berntzen Road, Eugene

What: Get information on current ABC projects and initiatives.
(There is cool stuff going on in our neighborhood, people!)

We are also pleased to provide a forum at this meeting for some of our elected representatives to share their activities. We have specifically asked our ABC reps to report what they are doing for the Bethel-Danebo area. The representatives who have agreed to attend are Val Hoyle (State Rep), Rob Handy (Lane County Commissioner), Jay Bosevich, (Lane County Commissioner), Andrea Ortiz (Eugene City Councillor), and Pat Farr (Eugene City Councillor.)

We will have a few questions prepared for our reps to answer and, depending on time available, we may be able to field a question or two from the audience. We want to be sure it is understood that this is not a candidate debate or forum for any election considerations. This is an opportunity for our reps to let all of us know what they are doing for our neighborhood and community.

If you have announcements of community interest, we have time at the beginning of the meeting to share those. Any fliers or printed materials regarding community and neighborhood related events is welcome! We also make time for neighbors to speak for a few minutes about any concerns they may have at the end of our General Meetings. Be sure to enter your name on the "Community Concerns" sign-up sheet at the information table.

As always, we will provide light refreshments and beverages.

We look forward to seeing you!

For more information, please e-mail
Aleta Miller, ABC co-chair at vayamaji@att.net

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2nd Meeting for YMCA Community Center

Second Public Meeting to Discuss Bethel Park YMCA Community Center Proposal

This Wednesday, September 21 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Meadow View School Caforium, the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space Division will host the second public meeting to discuss a proposed community center in Bethel Park. Meadow View School is located in Eugene at 1855 Legacy Street.

Staff will be reporting back on what they have heard from the community to-date and will present several options for where the center might be located in the park. Staff will also address concerns they've heard about traffic, parking facilities, and impacts to open space, and results from the first web survey will be shared. Background information, images, and a second survey can be found by clicking on the title of this post, above--Click here for a link to "Frequently Asked Questions"

Additional Information:
The existing master plan for Bethel Park shows a community center that is approximately 10,000 square feet and while a facility this size would provide some key services, a larger center would allow a broader array of services and activities. These could potentially include a branch library, large gym facilities, summer camps, child care, and classrooms or meeting rooms.

Why now?
North and West Eugene are areas of our community that are underserved in terms of recreational facilities. As the City does not have the funding to construct a new community recreation center in the foreseeable future, the non-profit Eugene YMCA has offered to construct and manage a new facility that would provide a broad array of services and facilities for kids, families, and seniors alike. This master plan update process is being held in direct response to the offer from the YMCA.

Why update the master plan?
A full-service community center could be up to 62,000 square feet depending on the services provided and would require a significant additional number of parking spaces to accommodate all users. This would be a significant change in what is currently approved and planned for this site. In addition to the master plan, development in Bethel Community Park must also comply with a conditional use permit on file with the City Planning and Development Department. This permit will also have to be updated to accommodate a larger facility than is shown now.

What's the process?
Parks and Open Space staff will host meetings, administer surveys, and use other communication tools in order to successfully facilitate a public discussion, answer questions, and garner feedback on this proposal.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eugene's Transportation System is Open for Comments

Eugene is developing a comprehensive strategy to address the community's transportation needs over the next 20 years. The area's current transportation plan, called TransPlan, was adopted in 2001. The new Eugene Transportation System Plan will look at all transportation modes, including freight, pedestrians and bicyclists, transit, rail networks, airport and personal vehicles, to see what changes could be made to better meet the long-term needs of Eugene's residents, businesses, and visitors.

A survey has been developed to gather public input about the future of local transportation. A link to the survey can be found on the Eugene Transportation System Plan web site at www.EugeneTSP.orghttp://www.EugeneTSP.org>. The survey will be open through January 2011.

Public involvement is crucial to the success of this project, to understand the goals of the community for the development of Eugene over the next 20 years. Information gathered by the survey will be used by a number of local agencies, including the cities of Eugene, Springfield and Coburg, Lane Transit District, and the Lane Council of Governments.

For more information about Eugene's Transportation System, contact Kurt Yeiter at kurt.m.yeiter@ci.eugene.or.uskurt.m.yeiter@ci.eugene.or.us> or go to www.EugeneTSP.org<http://www.EugeneTSP.org>.

ABC General Meeting,February 16th, 2011-Petersen Barn, 870 Bertzen Road, Eugene, 7 PM

Come join your neighbors for our ABC neighborhood association General Meeting.

We have an very informational night for our first general meeting of 2011. An update and report will be presented regarding our neighborhood SNAP proposal...hint: we were successful in receiving it! Come find out what it is exactly and what we are planning to do.

Next, Councilor Pat Farr will be providing information about an upcoming scoping project for Bethel Park regarding the proposed YMCA facility.

Then Oregon Toxics Alliance will be presenting the results and recommendations of a survey done in our neighborhood last fall involving community input about pollution, air quality, etc.

Councilors Pat Farr and Andrea Ortiz will provide information about the Envision Eugene process which addresses many issues of growth and livability in all Eugene neighborhoods. Time for Q and A will follow.

Finally, we leave time at the close of the meeting for neighbors to share comments and concerns. Our focus for this time is to provide an opportunity to air these concerns in a supportive, community forum. Time is limited to 15 minutes of our total meeting time.

The meeting happens February 16th at the Petersen Barn, located at 870 Bertzen Road, Eugene from 7 PM-9 PM. Refreshments will be served. Please join us!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Active Bethel Citizens General Meeting May 26, 2010 Petersen Barn, 7 PM

Come join your neighbors for our ABC neighborhood association General Meeting.

On the Agenda is the yearly election of Steering Committee members. Have a burning desire to make a difference in your neighborhood and community? Consider running for a position on the ABC board. A once a month meeting, receiving neighborhood related e-mails and various tabling and events attendance are all that is required.

We will also have presentations from the City Manager, John Ruiz with time for Q & A as well as our new city councilor--who ever that ends up being. A presentation from the Bethel School District regarding a school based health clinic will also be happening. Updates on our neighborhood food projects including Tree By Tree and the Bethel-Danebo Neighborhood Market. And there is always time at the end of the meeting for input from you about concerns and issues that affect our neighborhood.

The meeting happens May 26 at the Petersen Barn, located at 870 Bertzen Road, Eugene from 7 PM-9 PM. Refreshments will be served. Please join us!